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Woodland Glass Arts Ltd.
Wausau, WI

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The original mount is displayed in the Moccasin Bar in Hayward, WI.
​This mirror was donated to "Fishing Has No Boundaries" also in Hayward.

WHITETAILS UNLIMITED purchased hundreds of this suncatcher to auction at their fundraising events. We made the glass table tops for Wild Wings Mail Order Company.

WHITETAIL DEER & MALLARD DUCKS are the welcoming wildlife in this etched glass residential home entrance. The etched mirror with the black bear is in a basement bar here in Wausau.

ETCHED MIRRORED LOON is one of many wildlife mirrors we made for The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation to auction during their fundraisers. We have made a variety of wildlife projects for various organizations for this purpose. The large porpoise mirror was for a home on the New England coast.

CARVED GLASS ELEPHANT was created for a hunter who is a member of The Safari Club. The coat-hook mirror is one of many items we crerated for home decor.

ETCHED GLASS ELK was installed in a door in Colorado. The stained glass owl is a sorority-themed memorial piece.

DIMENSIONALLY CARVED GLASS EGRET is on display in a dental office in Wausau, WI. The Montana Ranch etched mirror is for a private home also in Wisconsin.

Woodland Glass Arts Ltd.
Wausau, WI

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